If you like blogs about lifestyle, you’ll feel right at home here. Here you will get posts about beauty, food, home, work, trips out, friends ~ my life. I thought that it’s way important for me to start writing about myself, I’ve had years of labels all over me depression and anxiety being the worst. Here is time to express myself as I’ve had online forums and I use Instagram, Facebook.

So, I live in a small town called Congleton, I grew up in a small Victorian village called Styal with my family. Then I met my boyfriend, Laurence in college and finally we moved out together 3 years ago. We have two cats one called Hattie, the other called Bourbon and some tropical fish. Our house is  a two up, two down terrace and I can’t wait to move out right now – this part of the ‘about me’ may change soon as we plan to move.

Personality, on a good day I’m bouncy, full of life and all over the place and if I’m comfortable in my surrounding this is the key to  make me really relax and just be my absolute self. Hobbies include – walking, going shopping, meeting up with friends and drawing… this is something that’s always been a huge part of my life, plus I really love looking at other peoples work more than my own! My appearance is well, back in my teens it was an emo, then goth, now I’m just me. However, I still like the music, lifestyle and alternative appearance/fashion quite a lot. A lot of my garms’ are still lean more towards that sense.

There’s not much ‘about me’ here that I can write for you, this is more of a brief introduction to what you’re about to expect from my blogs and I hope that it’s personal to you as it is to me, almost like an open diary which maybe you shouldn’t read. – But do anyway. 😉

Thank you for reading,




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